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Remote Helicopter

Introducing Remote Helicopter Imagery performed on our select high end suburban listings. This unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with a ultra high resolution camera photographs and shoots video successfully and safely from breathtaking angles never before seen at or around the height of the home's rooftop. The depth and dimension experienced with these photos allow our consumer to take in the scope of land, the accurate size of the home, and the majestic beauty of its architecture. We have the home owner's full consent each time we fly. We only fly on large acreage in suburban and rural environments at or around the property under 100ft. The UAV is always within the pilot's line of sight and no one is on the ground except for that pilot during the flight.

Recently, New York Times reporters Winnie Hu and Stephen Farrell were given an in-depth behind the scenes look at how a typical UAV photography and video shoot goes in the video above. In the piece, it goes over and shows exactly how the outside and inside of the home are shot and filmed as well as the commitment to safety with our partner's 25-point pre-flight safety checklist that takes place prior to ensure a seamless shoot. Such items on the checklist are temperature, wind speed, location of power lines, location of trees, WiFi connection being turned off, no landscaping/contracting appointments taking place at that time, etc. to ensure absolute safety and precision.

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