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Ross Ellis

Ross Ellis
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Favorite Things- The Greatest Gift Of All

By Alicia Hartgrove

Tis' the season for gift giving! While the true meaning of the holidays is not about presents, let's face it - we love them! Hello! Santa Clause exists for a reason, so Brokers Weekly asked the New York City brokerage community what their favorite gift was.

Davida Katherine Maron of Century 21 NY Metro got a special unexpected gift from her daughter one year: an MP3 player to listen to music during her gym workouts.

"What a treat," said Maron. "What a thoughtful, dear daughter. Although, I must say, all the other people around me (on adjacent treadmills) seemed to enjoy hearing me entertain myself without a MP3 player singing snatches of various songs.

How do I know? I got prompted to sing louder! Still it is great to have music in my ears when I am on the treadmill in particular."

Ross Ellis of Halstead Property said her favorite gift came from a friend and advisory board member from the charity she founded 10 years ago, Love Our Children USA. "It is a large framed print of children playing and it says 'Children should always be loved and protected.' It has a sort of Norman Rockwell feel to it," she said.

"Hearing the stories of children being abused every day can really get to me ... when it's a particularly bad story, I look at the print and it gives me hope that I am doing good work to keep children safe."

A decorated Christmas tree was the best gift Kimberly Casciaro of Citi Habitats ever received. "I was going through tough times and decided not to put up a Christmas tree, which was very unusual for me because anyone who knows me knows how much I love my tree," said Casciaro.

"I came home one night to find a Christmas tree with lights and many fabulous glass ornaments on it set up and in my living room. My boyfriend at the time purchased it a Gracious Homes and had it delivered and then paid off my doorman to let them set it up in my apartment while I was out. It was totally awesome!"

Dezireh Eyn of Platinum Properties received a black fitted leather jacket from her cousin Daniella two years ago. "I was very specific with the jacket that I wanted, never found it, and then my cousin found it and surprised me with it," said Eyn. "I'm usually not that specific, but with that I was ... I always had issues finding the right fit and material."

MaryJo of Barak Realty said she's received many lovely gifts over the years, but in the current economic climate, spending time with friends and family is the most precious gift of all. "My manager, Antonio del Rosario, his beautiful wife, Cristin, and adorable toddler, Lucas, dropped by my apartment unexpectedly last week with a Japanese green teacake. We had a proper tea, and I played with Lucas, who calls me Tia MaryJo, much to my delight."

AJ Hughes of Barak Realty has a blast from the past and said the stereo system he got in fifth grade was best gift he ever received. "It (the stereo) came with Depeche Mode, Inxs, and Debbie Gibson tapes. It was a surprise because I had asked for asimple record player. Luckily, my dad was quick to see that record players were becoming obsolete and tape players were the way of the future. That was the start to my never-ending search for new music, which I love to do more than anything else."

Tom Holmes of Barak Realty said he can't think of any other gift worth mentioning than the gift of life just bestowed on his niece's newborn son, Sonny. "Doctors thought he might not make it, but through prayer and by the grace of God little Sonny has made it, is now breathing on his own and appears to have joined the rest of the family."

"I really, really, really love it when people donate to charities in my name," said Jolyn Bennet of Barak Realty. "I don't need anything. I have enough clothes, two iPods — I don't need another thing that I don't know how to use."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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