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Neighborhood Video Tours

Inside Jeff Goodman's Neighborhood Tours: HELLS KITCHEN
Inside Jeff Goodman's Neighborhood Tours Hells Kitchen

Jeff hosts informative, fun and unusual walking tours of some New York’s most interesting neighborhoods. In this video of a tour of Hell’s Kitchen discover why Jeff’s tour events are popular.

Washington Heights
Washington Heights

Halstead’s Executive Director of Sales Gus Perry leads you on a tour of the Washington Heights Section of Upper Manhattan. Washington Heights has a strong community feel as supported by its mom-and-pop shops. Fort Tryon...


Halstead’s Executive Directors of Sales Sandy Wilson and Gus Perry present to you the historic and cultural highlights of the Harlem Section of Manhattan. Such hightlights include Sandy taking us to Sylvan Terrace — a...

My Washington Heights by Vivian Ducat
My Washington Heights By Vivian Ducat

22 years ago Halstead's Vivian Ducat visited The Grinnell (800 Riverside Drive) in Washington Heights for the first time. After living in a small Upper West Side apartment for several years she fell in love...

Bronx Historic District
Bronx Historic District

Halstead Property's Ariela Heilman leads a tour of the Bronx Historic District starting with one of the most famous sporting venues in the world: Yankees Stadium. Next Ariela takes viewers to The Bronx Museum of...