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HDM - Halstead Development Marketing


Site Analysis

  • Equity investment partnerships
  • Zoning and Landmarks Preservation Commission consultation
  • Highest & best use analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Bank and lender packages
  • Opinion letter
  • Comparable property tours

Market Research

  • Comprehensive market and pipeline studies
  • Project-specific focus groups
  • Customized, proprietary reporting
  • Neighborhood and submarket assessment
  • Demographic and buyer insight analysis
  • New development market reports
  • Trend forecasting

Planning and Design

  • Recommendations of project architects, interior designers and building consultants
  • Unit mix, sizing and layout review
  • Pricing strategy
  • Amenity and retail consulting
  • Product differentiation
  • Unit design and finish consultation
  • Construction budget evaluation and adjustment
  • Building operations and services analysis
  • Offering plan consultation
  • Creation and design of sales office journey and model residences
  • Schedule A & B preparation consultation or review
  • Mortgage financing and Fannie Mae Project Approval consultation

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Brand development
  • Management of sales material development, timeline and budget
  • Digital and social media marketing platforms
  • International marketing programs
  • Campaign creation and media planning
  • Domestic and international listing syndication
  • Digital sales tool creation
  • Rendering oversight
  • Consumer and broker event planning
  • Strategic co-branding and influencer partnerships
  • Creative, public relations, media and social agency selection and management
  • Communications strategy

Sales and Operations

  • Preparation of pricing schedules
  • Strategic inventory planning and control
  • Selection, training and management of on-site teams
  • Expert contract negotiation
  • Monitor, coordinate and supervise all domestic and international sales efforts and operations
  • Traffic reporting and analysis
  • Facilitation of industry relationships and co-brokering
  • Outreach to Halstead brokers
  • Preparation of status reports
  • Marketing assessment and adjustment
  • Preparation of closing documents
  • End loan mortgage partnerships with national lenders