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Appel Caraccioli Team

Appel Caraccioli Team

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Park Avenue Office


Tel: (212) 381-2236

Three seasoned professionals, three specialties, a single focus

There is little doubt that New York is the ultimate real estate market of opportunity. In fact, for many buyers and sellers, New York provided value no matter where a purchaser invested or regardless of what the seller had previously paid. Phrases like “property values in New York only go in one direction…UP,” rolled off the lips of buyers, sellers, agents and advisors.

That was then. The 2018 market is highly segmented and complex. A one-size-fits-all approach will no longer achieve optimum value. Success is no longer measured only by the final price per square foot paid or received. Terms, timing and longterm goals are now essential elements of the equation.

Questions to consider: Did you achieve each specific need and want as outlined at the start of your endeavor? Is there financial success now and have you been positioned for equal or greater success in the future? Were you represented with care and professionalism? Did you respect your Real Estate advisor more when the transaction closed than when you began?

Three industry experts with decades of experience in the New York City real estate marketplace make up the Appel-Caraccioli Team. From Harlem to the Hamilton Heights, from The Flatiron to Fort Greene, Jeffrey Appel, John Caraccioli, and Harlan Simon have delivered optimum value and premier service to literally hundreds of successful individuals who call New York home for themselves, their family, or their business.

The Appel-Caraccioli Team is sized to provide personal service, never passing our clients down the line after they sign. While we are collaborative, there is no task too trivial for any one of us to take on personally. We know and respect that it is your asset you have entrusted in us. When you hire our team, you will never feel like just another number in New York's ultimate numbers game.

John Caraccioli
"The Wise Man"

Meyers-Briggs ESTJ / The Executive
Others with this profile, John D. Rockefeller, Sonia Sotomayor, Frank Sinatra, Lyndon B Johnson.

Exceptional neighborhood and building knowledge, Co-ops, Condos and Townhomes. Has owned and renovated nearly a dozen properties in Manhattan.

Current project is a multi-family Townhouse in Hamilton Heights. Partner in a family portfolio of 14 commercial, and mixed use properties.

  • Licensed Associate Broker
  • Native of Oswego New York, one of seven children
  • Former long distance runner
  • Has lived continuously in Manhattan for 41 years
  • Former Stage Actor - Remember Forever Plaid
  • Father of Teenage Boy/Girl Twins
  • Licensed as a Real Estate professional in Manhattan for more than 25 Years
  • Afterhours Genealogist - Has traced his family's history to 14th Century Corsica
  • Most exotic property currently owned - A 16th Century Genoese Tower, built by his family in 1530.
  • Favorite Film - It's a Wonderful Life

Jeffrey Appel
"The Numbers Guy"

Meyers-Briggs ENTP / The Debater
Others with this Profile, Mark Twain, Tom Hanks, Thomas Edison, Celine Dion

Former Mortgage Banker in Both Los Angeles and New York. Extensive knowledge of commercial and mixed use real estate valuation and underwriting. Managing Partner in a family portfolio of 14 commercial, and mixed use properties.

Current project: A circa 1870 Rail Worker Hotel conversion to luxury rentals in Syracuse NY.

  • Licensed Associate Broker
  • Native of Los Angeles, one of two children
  • Former Television Production Executive and Host of Metro Residential
  • Owned a Barbeque Restaurant in Studio City CA- Village Barbeque
  • Met his husband the day he moved to New York 20 years
  • Bought his first Manhattan Apartment at the Ansonia
  • Father of Teenage Boy/Girl Twins
  • Licensed as a Real Estate professional in Manhattan for more than 19 Years
  • Most exotic property currently owned - 3 Story Oceanfront Villa, Cancun MX
  • Favorite Film - What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Harlan Simon
"The Detective"

Meyers-Briggs – Personality Profile ENFP / The Campaigner
Others with this Profile, Walt Disney, Jerry Seinfeld, Quentin Tarantino, Kelly Clarkson

A researcher's, researcher. Extensive knowledge of real estate information platforms and data sources. Highly skilled at extracting facts and modeling.

Current project is a Pre-War multi-family building in Bronx New York, NY.

  • Licensed Salesperson
  • Native of Los Angeles, one of two children
  • Former Equestrian therapist working with disabled kids
  • Managed the Terra Blue's Live music club in Lower Manhattan
  • Veracious Crime novel reader and cigar aficionado
  • Currently resides in Crown Park, Brooklyn
  • Recently Engaged
  • Often Spotted with "Lola" his Boston Terrier puppy at Herbert Von King dog park in Bed-Stuy
  • Favorite Film - The Usual Suspects

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