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Charles Anello

Charles Anello

Licensed in Connecticut
New Canaan - Elm Street Office


Tel: (203) 966-7800
Cell: (203) 667-7026

Charles' journey started in the construction field, and over the last 30 years, he has owned and managed a number of successful companies. He has worked hard to be 100% referral-based, relying solely on his quality of work and being “of service” to his clientele. While still at the top of his game, Charles enters the real estate field, bringing his knowledge of homes to a new variety of customer. Combining his construction, management, and real estate investing skills makes him a real estate salesperson that you can rely on to help on your home journey.

What makes Charles so effective is his understanding of the unique needs of buyers, sellers, and renters, as well as his gift for bringing together a successful deal that satisfies every party involved. As a longtime property investor and manager, he appreciates the value potential of real estate, as well as the emotional side of buying or selling a home.

Born and raised in New Canaan, Charles has seen the numerous transformations the town has undergone, becoming the sleepy hub for affluent CEOs, actors, and musicians. The town’s draw to New York’s elite is legendary and is part of what makes being a realtor here so special for Charles.

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