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Cherie Lee

Cherie Lee

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Village Office


Tel: (212) 381-6524
Cell: (917) 553-6219


Growing up in a world of savvy real estate investment – one that helped her immigrant parents build and secure a comfortable lifestyle for their family – was only part of the Cherie Lee chose Real Estate as her career. Cherie also possesses a charming interpersonal quality that drives her towards her goal of helping others realize their own sense of security through finding that place to call home.

Intelligent, extremely driven and resourceful, Cherie is a supportive and knowledgeable strategic partner to navigate the world of buying, selling or renting real estate. "As a homeowner who recently went through a renovation, I know the process from all aspects and have personally vetted a superb network of professionals to help make your dream home a reality; from attorneys and mortgage bankers/brokers to architects, contractors, designers and others," she assures her current and future clients a smooth, streamlined, and fun experience.

Originally from Boston, Cherie graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in Biology, focusing on Exercise Metabolism. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin Chinese, is conversant in Cantonese and French, and is an active member of the Asia Society. Living and working abroad and traveling extensively domestically and internationally has given her a unique perspective on the needs of her diverse clientele.

Her considerable experience working with Fixed Income derivatives products on Wall Street for investment banks and consulting firms provides valuable insight into market-based financial analysis of industry trends and benchmarks. In addition, her success in identifying her own lucrative real estate investment opportunities and managing her evolving portfolio of properties means that the client is partnering with someone who knows the world of real estate finance personally as well as professionally.

Cherie has called New York City home for over a decade, and prides herself on knowing the city in which she lives and works intimately. She has lived in the Village, then Hell's Kitchen, and owns a condo in Union Square, where she still resides. Her curiosity and active lifestyle have carried her to all corners of New York, and her familiarity with the Big Apple is unparalleled.

While real estate is her passion, Cherie finds time to balance life with her favorite interests. These include dining at different restaurants (she is a devoted “foodie”), traveling globally, listening to music at live music venues (she is a classically trained pianist), and perusing art at the Chelsea galleries, MOMA, and the Guggenheim. She is also dedicated to living well through healthy eating, cycling, skiing, and yoga/meditation.

Cherie is the height of professionalism. She's super knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. I listed my apartment with her to sublet and she had it posted within hours, including scheduling an open house. She gave me lots of advice about the process to help me feel at ease. She's an all around great person to work with. - Graham
Cherie was extremely responsive and helpful. She understood what I was looking for and presented many different options. She was upfront and set clear expectations about the apartments I was interested in. SHe followed up consistently and kept me in mind whenever new listings came up. - Emily
I had an excellent experience working with Cherie Lee. While other brokers told me I was looking for the impossible place and showed me apartments in lousy locations and above my budget, Cherie listened to my requests, got to work, and found me an ideal place in one day. - Jill
I contacted Cherie through a listing she had, and she worked with me over several weeks looking for apartments, while I lived out of state. I flew to NYC for just a couple days to search for apartments, and we found just what I wanted in the first few hours of visiting properties. Cherie was very professional, a pleasure to work with, responsive to all of my calls/emails, and most of all, was able to find an apartment that suited all my needs. I would definitely recommend Cherie for your apartment hunt! - Kalin
Cherie found us a great apartment and was able to move quickly. Even when we were outbid, her speed allowed us to get the apartment. She was literally emailing us at 1:30am, as we tried to get our paperwork in order, which shows her dedication to her clients.She was fast, thorough and got us the apartment we wanted. - Kate
Cherie was responsive and did the work to find appropriate listings, in contrast to other brokers I contacted. She was very detail-oriented through the application and lease process and got me what I consider a good deal on the apartment I wanted. - Thatcher
Cherie is the best to work with! She was with me every step of the process so that I knew what to expect. Very professional and knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to ensure that I got an apartment that reflected my personality and preferences. She was very thorough in her research, responsive, and always followed up because timing is everything in NYC. Cherie is trustworthy and makes you feel at ease during the apartment search/application process. She truly understands the client's experience and is very supportive, understanding, helpful, and never pushy. She really works with you...and she's down-to-earth and funny! I highly recommend her and will only work with her when I'm ready to move to another apartment because she is the best. - Debbie

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

Cherie作为房产专业经纪人,在短短几个月的时间里就成为了业内佼佼者。她的父母移民美国,并创造了舒适安全的生活方式,成长于这样的有房产投资背景的家庭中,也是她进入房地产业的其中一个原因. 同时Cherie拥有的独特的人际交往魅力, 也使她能够实现自己的目标—-即帮助别人找到那个被称作“ 家 ” 的安全港湾。


Cherie出生于波士顿,以优异的成绩毕业于哈佛大学生物学专业, 研究方向是运动新陈代谢。 她会讲流利的英语和中文普通话,并且熟悉粤语和法语,是亚洲协会的积极会员。在国外工作生活和旅游的经验,使她能够服务不同文化背景的客户群体。



房地产是Cherie热爱的事业,但是她也会抽出时间发展她的兴趣爱好以保持平衡生活。这些爱好包括尝试一家新餐厅(她是一个美食家) ,周游世界,去音乐会(她是一个钢琴师) ,并在切尔西画廊,艺术博物馆和古根海姆细读艺术。她还致力于通过健康饮食,骑自行车,滑雪,瑜伽/冥想让生活过得充实和美好。

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

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