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Christopher Bujnowski

Christopher Bujnowski

Sales Associate
Hoboken Office


Tel: (201) 478-6719

Following a longtime interest in the industry, Chris began his real estate career in 2018. His family’s connections to the business were formative in this decision, since Chris was introduced from a young age to their restaurants, medical practices, health clinics, and property management company in the New York/New Jersey area. Throughout the years, he learned the ins and outs of running a business and the skills he would need to succeed in real estate.

Chris spent his summers working at a title company, where he learned how real estate transactions are actually done. He developed his work ethic and understanding of finance, honed his listening and negotiation strengths, and mastered the skills of valuing, pricing, and locating the ideal property—all of which he uses to expertly guide his clients.

In addition to working with buyers and sellers, Chris is involved in the property development sector, helping developers market new condo buildings.

When Chris isn't closing a deal, he spends much of his time at Montclair Golf Club in Northern New Jersey and enjoys the company of his family and friends. Prior to real estate, Chris was an avid football and baseball player; his first true love started on the baseball diamond.

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