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Cindy Morin

Cindy Morin

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Brooklyn Heights Office


Tel: (718) 613-2891

Languages Spoken:      MANDARIN - CHINESE, ENGLISH

When Cindy Morin meets her clients, providing first class service is always her goal.

Cindy is very friendly, candid, honest, and extremely patient. She understands how emotional and stressful finding or selling a home can be, especially for first time buyers or sellers, and she works her hardest to assist her clients in making the best choice.

Cindy moved from Beijing, China to New York City almost 20 years ago. Originally trained as a dentist, she exhibits an extremely communicative and accommodating demeanor. She is known for her listening skills, always understanding her clients’ needs. After moving to New York, she became an accountant and today has the financial acumen needed to help her clients expertly negotiate the most advantageous transactions.

About 10 years ago Cindy moved from Manhattan to beautiful Brooklyn Heights with her husband and two young children. She describes her neighborhood as dynamic with a rich history, beautiful architectural and immaculate townhouses. She is an active PTA member at her childrens’ school.

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辛迪于 1999 年从中国北京移居到美国纽约。毕业于首都医科大学口腔专业造就了她出色的沟通和包容的能力,她总是能耐心的倾听她的客户的需求。移居纽约后,她成为了一名会计师。财务方面的知识可以使她更精明,熟练地帮助她的客户进行最有利的交易谈判。

2002 年,辛迪和她的丈夫及两个年幼的孩子从曼哈顿搬到美丽的布鲁克林高地。她深深地热爱上了这里丰富的历史,美丽的建筑及完美无暇的联排别墅。她还是她孩子学校活跃的家长领导小组成员,同时积极地参与各种公益事业。

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