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Operating on traditional values with modern day efficiency, Dana Stephenson impresses customers with her meticulousness and heightened standard of quality. She finds herself captivated by the fine details which distinguish a particular property or space, whether residential or commercial. This manifests a keen ability to identify the appropriate space for a specific buyer, and the staging power to showcase each seller’s property in the best possible light. Dana’s achievements can be attributed to a positive disposition, allowing her to develop solutions, transcend obstacles, and invite opportunity. Practicing a consultative and creative approach to business, she distinguishes each esteemed client and property on an individual basis, offering optimized solutions for success.

Dana’s clients benefit from her powerful social network and extensive marketing communications background. Having earned a bachelor’s degree from Marist College school of Communication and the Arts, she began her real estate career as an administrative assistant at leading national real estate company, where she was quickly promoted to the corporate marketing department before pursuing her real estate license. As an agent, Dana leverages her refined interpersonal skills each day in the field, allowing her to establish trust, interpret others’ motivations, and negotiate effectively.

Real estate satisfies Dana’s intellectual capacity for business while providing a platform in which she is able to influence the public. This sense of overall fulfillment in her career forges a genuine and upbeat experience for her clients. From Somerset Hills to the Gold Coast of New Jersey, Dana enjoys connecting local and worldwide audiences to the everyday lifestyle through her dynamic social network, consisting of various media channels, thousands of followers, and local business partnerships.

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