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H. Alexandra Como Saghir

H. Alexandra Como Saghir

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
South Slope Office


Tel: (718) 613-2819

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Languages Spoken:      FRENCH, SPANISH, ENGLISH

Throughout the potentially stressful process of buying and selling a home in New York City, Alexandra uses her exhaustive research and analytical skills, to successfully place international relocation renters in their most desired home as well as successfully representing domestic buyers and sellers. Alexandra is very proud of having used these traits as well as her sense of humor and adventurous spirit to help her clients feel at ease and even have some fun throughout the process. Well established in the community and culture of the market she serves, Alexandra is in a unique position to “be the first to know” of upcoming properties, market trends and opportunities.

Alexandra’s passion for Real Estate is fueled by her NYU degree in theatre and art history, particularly New York City Architecture. Thus, she surrounds herself with eclectic and historic Brooklyn Real Estate. This passion and her past experience in luxury hospitality sales and marketing culminate in her specialty: finding the discerning customer, not just a home, but a community.

As a native New Yorker, Alexandra, or Allie, as she is known locally, will aggressively pursue your goals with your best interests always at the fore. Her involvement as a responsible neighbor in community organizations and her children’s public school give you an insider’s edge when it comes to selecting and establishing a residence.

Alexandra speaks fluent Spanish and French due to her multicultural background and lives in Windsor Terrace with her husband, Peter, two very active children and many beloved pets. On her downtime, Allie can be found going on long walks through Green-Wood Cemetery and volunteering in the classroom in arts education.

"As first-time home buyers, we had many questions and concerns throughout the process. Allie and Tyson were more than willing to spend the time answering our questions and explaining every step along the way. As our everyday lives were disrupted due to a global pandemic, Allie and Tyson remained attentive and focused on helping us find the right home, within our budget. They are knowledgeable, diligent, and a pleasure to work with. We can't recommend Allie and Tyson enough." - Christy and Dan
"The Saghir Lewis team was my saving grace when it came to selling our Brooklyn apartment as well as buying our CT home. We had the difficult challenge of selling our apartment without a certificate of occupancy and had been told several times we couldn't do it. When we met with Allie and Tyson, they said it was no problem and laid out their plan of action. After one open house, we accepted a full-price offer and were able to close in three months’ time. And if that wasn't enough, they were able to handle my CT house search and close on a new home that timed perfectly with our Brooklyn exit. What could've been a rollercoaster ride was managed to perfection and we actually had a lot of fun along the way!" - Moira and Jim
"Alexandra and Tyson were extremely helpful (and patient!) as we and our daughter searched for a house in Brooklyn. Our daughter had a unique set of requirements, which did not match up with the sort of thing a thirty-something first-time buyer would normally look at. Allie toured with her over several months as she searched for something that could fulfill all of her requirements, and when they finally found it, she and Tyson moved into high gear. As non-New Yorkers, the real estate process in NYC is alien and opaque, but Tyson and Allie kept us informed, answered all of our questions (again, great patience), and helped us assemble the right team to come to a successful closing. This was all accomplished during very challenging times as we all were confronted with a global pandemic. We would highly recommend this team for anyone looking for that special place." - Mike M. and Janet W.

“Alexandra was amazingly easy to work with, upbeat through the whole process, and patient with all of our questions. She worked with our sometimes-complicated schedules to get everything taken care of with minimal stress, and of course, she got us multiple offers over our asking price, and fast. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to sell their home!” - Julia F.

“Alexandra's warm, delightful personality made what could have been an ordeal an adventure. Never were we allowed to doubt the possibility of our dreams; she made a transaction that my wife and I both dreaded into an experience we now look back on with pleasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing this gifted person to us, and congratulations on the high quality of your staff.” - Geoff B.

“I appreciated your help as I was new to the NYC real estate market coming from Europe and had some quite specific needs. I have fallen in love with the first apartment you have shown to me and even though the process of securing it was long and tedious, your dedication was without question and since then I am happily renting the place of my dreams.” – Dora

"From the beginning of this sometimes complicated and often stressful process we trusted Alexandra. She was instrumental in preparing our house for sale in ways you wouldn't normally expect from a broker and was a pleasure to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, Alexandra effectively priced and marketed our home which swiftly got us several competitive offers. We would surely recommend selling your townhouse through Alexandra!" - Jeff S. and Karin E.

"Alexandra is that incredible combination of "on it" without being pushy. We might - might - have made it through the process without her, but there's no way it would have been as fun nor would we have felt as well supported when things got moving quickly. She'll be your cheerleader when you need it and will always find a way to keep the pressure off you. And her insistence around only going for the right thing - and ease with walking away from a place that's close but not quite - is a total breath of fresh air. Finding a home with Alexandra is a very grounded, human-scaled experience - not something you expect when you first start running around the NYC market." - Jonathan R.

“Alexandra with Halstead was fantastic to work with. Not only was she prompt, professional, and thorough, she demonstrated great empathy into my family's wants and needs. She has a fun and pleasant personality - I definitely recommend her. After dealing with a situation where an apartment fell through and we were living in a hotel, she was a breath of fresh air and got us everything we needed and quickly!” - Megan G.

Halstead Brooklyn, LLC

A través del proceso potencialmente estresante de comprar o vender una propiedad en la ciudad de Nueva York, Alexandra aplica sus habilidades de investigación profunda y análisis para lograr que inquilinosinternacionales encuentren el hogar ideal, así como para representar exitosamente a compradores y vendedores locales.

Alexandra se siente orgullosa de usar estas cualidades, así como su sentido del humor y curiosidad por otras culturas, para lograr que sus clientes se sientan cómodos y hasta se diviertan durante el proceso. Establecida en la comunidad y en la cultura del mercado al que sirve, Alexandra se encuentra en la privilegiada posición de “ser la primera en saber” sobre la disponibilidad de propiedades, tendencias del mercado y oportunidades.

Su pasión por los bienes raíces fue motivada y enriquecida por sus estudios de Historia del Arte y Teatro en NYU, particularmente de Arquitectura de la ciudad de Nueva York. Por ello, Alexandra está inmersa en el ámbito de los bienes raíces históricos y eclécticos de Brooklyn. Esta pasión y su amplia experiencia en marketing y ventas en Hospitalidad de Lujo, culminan en su especialidad: encontrar para el cliente más exigente no solo un hogar, sino una comunidad.

Como nativa Neoyorquina, Alexandra, o Allie como es conocida localmente, perseguirá agresivamente sus metas poniendo siempre por delante sus intereses. Como vecina responsable, está involucrada con organizaciones de la localidad y en la escuela pública de sus dos niños, lo que le permite brindarle una perspectiva interna valiosa para escoger y establecer una residencia.

Por su crianza multicultural Alexandra habla español fluido. Vive en Windsor Terrace con su esposo Peter, sus muy activos niños, y sus amadas mascotas. En sus momentos libres le encanta leer, hacer largas caminatas en el cementerio de Green-Wood, además de ser voluntaria dando clases de educación en arte.

Halstead Brooklyn, LLC

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Throughout the potentially stressful process of buying and selling a home in New York City, Alexandra uses her exhaustive research and analytical skills, to successfully place international relocation renters in their most desired home as well as successfully representing domestic buyers and sellers. Alexandra is very proud of having used these traits as well as her sense of humor and...

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