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Jon Eklund

Jon Eklund

Montclair Office


Tel: (973) 744-6033 x350

I’ve lived in Montclair since 1970 when I married and returned to college for my master’s degree at Montclair State University. It was easy to fall for this town with its rich architecture. I have long had a love of houses, nurtured since childhood by my builder grandfather. Soon after the arrival of our first child, we bought a condemned Victorian house in Montclair and began restoring it. That project turned into restoring other houses, which I did until 1992, when I took the real estate course and became an agent. I liked it from the start—it was a great mix of my fondness for houses and my sales instincts. In 1995 I became a manager for the Union office of a leading New Jersey real estate company. It was a busy office with lots to learn, including the perspective from the other side of the desk. In 2000, I returned to sales, and for over 10 years, I have been an agent with Rhodes Van Note and Company in Upper Montclair.

Now that we are the Rhodes Van Note Team at Halstead Property, I look forward to continuing to enjoy the work ethic, the collegial and supportive atmosphere, and the ability to quickly adapt to whatever the marketplace or the client requires. I know that the Rhodes Van Note team will now have an even more effective market presence. I bring considerable experience to share and bear on my real estate transactions. My knowledge of construction and restoration also brings benefits to my clients. Most of all, I really enjoy helping people—buyer or seller, you’re better off with my help.

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