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Kelly Knight

Kelly Knight

Sales Associate
Montclair Office


Tel: (973) 744-6033 x189

Kelly has lived, worked, and raised her children in Essex County for over 20 years. Her love of real estate and helping people transition to a new space was a natural progression from the decades she spent as an interior decorator throughout NJ and NY. Kelly strives to provide her clients with unsurpassed service and attention to detail while guiding them through the often complicated process of buying, selling, or renting a home.

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Client Testimonials:

Kelly Knight went from being our realtor to a part of our family. When my husband, 2 year old son and I decided to make the move from Brooklyn to New Jersey, we settled on the Montclair/SoMA area. I became a bit obsessed with finding the right house and became impatient with the realtors we were working with. This all changed when we met Kelly. I finally found the perfect match. Kelly was on top of every new listing that fit our needs, was flexible with our busy schedule, and spent every weekend with us as we went from house to house without ever making us feel rushed or pressured. She coached us when making bids and always reassured us to keep going when we lost out on a house. The best thing about our weekends with Kelly was that our son fell in love with her! He couldn’t wait for the weekends to see her. She took care of him while we looked around at different houses. She played with him and made our search so stress-free. Then one day, we found OUR house and we knew it immediately. Kelly did everything in her power to make sure we were protected during the negotiations, inspections, etc. Today, we are finally in our dream home and our son still asks “When will we see Kelly?!” and we still call her just to say hi and for her fabulous design tips.
Working with Kelly Knight was an unqualified pleasure. Not only is she a consummate professional—organized and on top of listings and all relevant data—she was tireless in her quest to understand and intuit what we, the buyers, were seeking in a home, even when we were unable to consistently articulate our desires and priorities. Kelly is very smart, patient, ethical, good-humored, and extremely generous with her time and availability. While our search took us through what seemed like countless houses and neighborhoods, she never suggested that we compromise or settle for anything that didn't feel really right. When we won the bid for our chosen home, she was genuinely delighted for us and we were actually very sorry that thereafter we wouldn't need to see or hear from her on a daily basis! We cannot recommend Kelly highly enough.

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