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Konstantin Zaliznyak

Konstantin Zaliznyak

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Village Office


Tel: (212) 381-6525
Cell: (646) 801-5777

Languages Spoken:      HEBREW, RUSSIAN, ENGLISH

Konstantin Zaliznyak is an aggressive, results-oriented, award winning realty agent with more than 11 years of sales and marketing experience. He possess a deep understanding of the NYC real estate market. His clientele ranges from first-time buyers to savvy international investors. Every client is provided with the highest level of personal service, privacy and discretion.

Prior to joining Halstead Property, Konstantin held a number of leadership positions with New York's premier international marketing firms. Konstantin successfully leverages an unparalleled global network, having built solid relationships with business captains from Sydney to Moscow. He is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian.

Konstantin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with Honors from Walsh College of Business.

Konstantin spent months looking at apartments on UES with me over the last year. He never pushed me into making a decision I wasn't sure of myself. I bought an apartment with which I am very happy. Konstantin was easy to work with, and more importantly was honest, transparent, and knowledgeable about the market. I would easily recommend him to my friends. - Kiril Z.
I initially met Konstantin when I was on the hunt for my next apartment to purchase. As soon as I met him I felt at ease, he wasn't the usual hard selling realtor but actually listened to what I was looking for and was very patient as he took me around the city to see about 50 properties over the summer. In seeing how professionally he approached searching for an apartment for me, I then asked him to look at selling my property as well. His knowledge of the process was so extremely helpful and he knew exactly where to price my apartment so that it sold at the first open house! Konstantin has a quiet confidence about him, he's friendly, very easy to work with but most of all I really felt he was on "my side" and only wanted the best for his clients and for them to be happy. I'm pleased to say he found me my dream apartment and held my hand all the way through the stressful process. I highly recommend Konstantin! - Sarah F.
Konstantin Zaliznyak has acted as our broker to assist in finding a suitable property to purchase in Manhattan and then in negotiating and finalizing the sale. We highly recommend him as an extremely professional, enthusiastic and diligent person. He assisted us with relevant information throughout the lengthy negotiation process and went to no end of trouble to solve particular problems that we had as foreign investors. We found his knowledge of property matters to be very comprehensive and he was also able to assist us in making contact with legal and financial experts. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with real estate in New York. - Regards, Peter B.
Konstantin Zaliznyak was a great broker to work with!

Konstantin never wasted our time; he quickly understood the specific features we were looking for and only took us to places matching our criteria. We even changed our preferences many times throughout our search and he was always quick to adapt and show us more places that matched our criteria.

It took more than 3 months to find the right place, and working with Konstantin throughout that time was a pleasure. He was very professional, patient, and responsive. I highly recommend Konstantin to anyone looking for apartments in NYC! - Kevin C
We were very fortunate to make contact with Konstantin over a year ago. We are foreign buyers and sought information about the New York market prior to buying. Konstantin spent an extraordinary amount of time patiently explaining everything to us so when we did make a trip to New York, he was there to show us exactly what we were looking for with a large number of choices. We eventually purchased a condo with a lot of assistance from Konstantin. He is patient, polite, knowledgeable, very professional and, if I may say so, a nice person. If you are looking to buy or sell or rent, there is no need to seek out anyone other than Konstantin. - Veronica B
My husband and I worked with Konstantin upon the recommendation of a very good friend to buy our apartment in Brooklyn. We had a wonderful experience.Konstantin had the experience and knowledge to guide us through every aspect of the process - we are both second-time homebuyers, but neither of us had bought in NYC before, and would not have been able to navigate the murky waters of purchasing a Brooklyn co-op apartment without Konstantin's help.

He was very responsive and impressively proactive about all aspects of our purchase. He was in constant communication and even made multiple calls to our mortgage broker to help translate what was going on when there were unexpected delays with the loan.

Konstantin is friendly, highly professional, and a pleasure to work with - I recommend him without reservation. And I'm picky ; ) - Gina and Eric
Konstantin is simply put a professional! He is personable and responsive. Attentive to his clients needs and is not afraid to push the limits of his excellence. When I hired Konstantin to look for investment properties, his initial approach was to understand exactly what my needs are and to provide several solutions and suggestions to what he thought would work. Needless to say my goals were accomplished efficiently and with great deal of detail. I will certainly hire Konstantin again in the future, and will recommend his services to my clients. I am happy to provide anyone with more info on Konstantin and offer him my highest recommendation. - Yakov E.
I was searching for a good apt. to rent in NYC, and was referred to Konstantin. I made an appointment with him the same day I called, which was very convenient. He was responsive, guided me through the whole process and I ended up with a great apt. at the unbelievable building. You can't be wrong, choosing Konstantin as your broker. He is very knowledgeable and that is obvious that real estate is his passion, not just work. Overall, my experience was just great. I highly recommend Konstantin as dedicated and client-oriented professional. - Oleg G.
“I would like to highly recommend Konstantin Zaliznyak as extremely qualified and knowledgeable real estate broker. He is a great listener to what you needs and wants are, always on time and doesn't waste your time and does things with ease and a smile. For anyone looking to rent or buy a place he's the go to guy. - Amy L, Interior Designer

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

קונסטנטין זלזניאק, , זוכה בפרס הנדל"ן , מבין סוכני נדל"ן המובילים בחברתו , קונסטנטין בעל 11 שנות וותק וניסיון בתחום השיווק והמכירות.

בעל ידע והתמצאות בשוק הנדל"ן הגלובלי ובניו יורק בפרט.

בין לקוחותיו ניתן למנות משפחות בעלות נכסים בודדים ועד למשקיעים בין לאומיים. עם זאת, קונסטנטין שם לעצמו למטרה , כי על כל לקוח להיות מסופק ברמה הגבוהה ביותרמהשירות האישי, פרטיות, דיסקרטיות ומקצועיותללא פשרות וללא קשר לסכום ההשקעה.

כיהן במספר תפקידי מפתח ושיתוף פעולה עם חברות השיווק המובילות ברמה הבינלאומית בניו יורק.  Halstead Property  טרם הצטרפותו של קונסטנטין לחברת

בין הישגיו הבולטים של קונסטנטין ניתן להצביע על בניית רשת גלובלית של מסחר בעסקאות נדל"ן בניו יורק, לאחר שבנה מערכת יחסים יציבים עם קברניטי עסקה מסידני ועד מוסקבה.

הינו שולט באנגלית, עברית ורוסית ברמת שפת האם.

בעל תואר ראשון בהצטיינות יתרה בשיווק,  במכללה לעסקים, וולש.

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

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Halstead Manhattan, LLC

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