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Linlin "Jessica" Zhang

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
East Side Office


Tel: (212) 521-5764
Cell: (718) 640-4715

Languages Spoken:      MANDARIN - CHINESE, ENGLISH

Coming from an investment background both in the real estate and financial markets, Linlin ‘Jessica’ Zhang sees your real estate transactions all the way through-- from start to finish. She also loves working with people and finds striking favorable transaction terms for her clients insurmountably fulfilling.

Jessica is a good listener, making her clients’ needs her top priority while protecting their interests as their loyal, understanding and trustworthy partner. Bringing to her role as a broker more than ten years’ investment experience in both US and China, Jessica understands the financial components to the real estate market along with the architectural and interior design components.

Jessica has an MBA degree from University of Michigan and Architecture degree from Beijing Jiaotong University. Before Joining Halstead Property, she was working with real estate developers in both NYC and in Beijing. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

张琳琳有着近20年的房地产和金融背景,正因如此, 她能够从建筑设计,室内装修,到投资回报等每一个细节全方位得为客户争取最大得利益。 客户得满意和信任,是对她最大得肯定。


张琳琳本科毕业于北京交通大学建筑学专业,硕士毕业于密歇根大学MBA 专业。在加入豪仕德地产之前,她曾经在北京和纽约的地产公司工作。在业余时间,张琳琳喜欢爬山,滑雪等户外活动。

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

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