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Mark Gilrain

Mark Gilrain

Licensed in Connecticut
Westport Office


Tel: (203) 221-0666 x356
Cell: (917) 287-2451

Member Silver Circle
Strategy Star Award - 2013, 2015

Mark Gilrain is a renowned guide to central Fairfield County. He easily shares his knowledge of the area’s beautiful homes, cultural richness, superb municipal services, and natural settings of beach, wood, lake, river, and hill.

Mark comes across his knowledge as a Connecticut native and an area resident. Yet he relates to people who are new to the area, because he is that as well, Mark spent 20 years living away from Fairfield County in New York City before returning in 2011.

Mark’s New York City and out-of-area clients are grateful for his having been down the same road they’re traveling. They value his understanding and his advice while they consider suburban versus urban. Once they’ve made the decision to relocate, his clients appreciate his ability to give them insight on how to make a speedy transition, find new friends, decide on new activities, and build their new lives.

For buyers, Mark offers the balanced perspective that property is a home and an asset. Mark helps clients find properties that are great fits along both dimensions. He also assists in matching purchasers to the best of the incredible choices the area offers – by the beach or away from it all, historic farmhouse or of-the-moment builder’s masterpiece, close to town or near the train, rarefied or on a budget, and more.

For sellers, Mark’s clients realize that tapping his former city is imperative to getting the best price. Mark has an extensive New York City network he leverages and by joining Halstead Property with its dominant Tri-State footprint, he has among the best abilities to tap those critical buyers.

Mark combines his expertise with a natural thoughtfulness. He loves that his clients like working with him, sending him post-meeting messages, for example, that say, “That was fun.” His responsive, easy-going manner generates such comments, as does the fact that it’s backed up by a tremendous amount of hard work.

Prior to his career in real estate, Mark was a Senior Executive in a global technology firm. He was widely known for delivering projects and supporting the employees who worked for him. Now, professional and executive skills he once used for helping corporate clients install large-scale information systems, he uses rewardingly to help individuals buy, sell, and rent homes.

Mark likes to run and race, enjoys the water and beach, and loves spending time with his partner, Rob, and twin sons.

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Sneak Peek Inside View From Above: 79 Rock Major Road

This property is now closed or no longer available. Take a sneak peek at this property and if you are interested in something comparable, please reach out to: Mark Gilrain, Licensed in Connecticut Tel: (203) 221-0666 x356 Cell: (917) 287-2451 mgilrain@halstead.com Adrienne Durkin, Licensed in Connecticut Tel: (203) 221-0666 x354 Cell: (917) 596-2068...

Sneak Peek Inside View From Above: 15 High Point Road

This property is now closed or no longer available. Take a sneak peek at this property and if you are interested in something comparable, please reach out to: Mark Gilrain Licensed in Connecticut Tel: (203) 221-0666 Cell: (917) 287-2451 mgilrain@halstead.com

View From Above: 79 Richmondville Av - Westport, Connecticut

Web #:99147452 - Westport, Connecticut Mark Gilrain Licensed in Connecticut Tel: (203) 221-0666 Cell: (917) 287-2451 mgilrain@halstead.com Jean Coleman Licensed in Connecticut Tel: (203) 221-0666 Cell: (203) 858-5185 jcoleman@halstead.com

Sneak Peek Inside 4 Pan Handle Lane

This property is now closed or no longer available. Take a sneak peek at this property and if you are interested in something comparable, please reach out to: Mark Gilrain (203) 221-0666 Cell: (917) 287-2451 mgilrain@halstead.com S. Christopher Halstead (212) 381-3220 Cell: (917) 284-0849 chalstead@halstead.com

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