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Molly Cassese

Molly Cassese

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
East Side Office


Tel: (212) 317-7821

With a natural joy for helping people, Molly’s knowledge of the New York market and love for the real estate business have proven a winning combination. Her commitment to helping people has included volunteer hospice work, which she feels has provided a life perspective second to none. It also defines her ability not only to provide service, but to do so with the compassion needed to facilitate what is likely to be your most important and emotional transaction. She provides the highest level of care to her clients and is completely dedicated to their interest, whether she is marketing a property to gain top dollar or helping a buyer find the best value within their purchasing criteria.

Molly’s marketing ability and strong negotiating skills were honed during her career in the fashion business and have transferred perfectly into Real Estate. She has proven this by successfully navigating the Manhattan market for the five years prior to joining Halstead Property in 2016. The move to Halstead has enabled her to combine the industry’s best real estate tools with her expertise to help buyers and sellers achieve their ultimate real estate objectives.

Molly has an Associate degree in Merchandising and a Bachelor of Science business degree in Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Technology. When she is not busy helping her clients, she enjoys time with friends and family, curling up with her favorite book, the theatre, and leisurely walks while appreciating the architecture and ever-changing skyline of her beloved city.

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I write to highly recommend Molly Cassese for whatever endeavor she seeks to undertake. Molly recently sold my apartment in New York City. An accomplishment that can only be described as beyond commendable in what has perhaps been the most difficult "Buyer's Market" in modern history. At the outset, I advertised the property myself ... thinking I would get responses from a few aggressive brokers. I did indeed, seven replied and made appointments for viewings. All, however, were focused mostly upon negative factors regarding the apartment and the market in general ...except one ... Molly. She showed up with a photographer, "To improve upon the photos," she said. Molly was totally upbeat and positive. Her enthusiasm was spontaneous and sustained. It didn't take me long to decide ..."She's my broker."I could not have made a better choice. Molly is self-directed, intelligent, creative and a pleasure to work with. Moreover, she's determined, dedicated and pleasantly persistent.Time and space does not allow for me to enumerate or expand upon all the obstacles that Molly encountered and had to overcome in our quest. When I think of Molly, the first word that enters my mind is "perseverance." She personifies and epitomizes the word. My thinking then continues to recognize that she more than represents the reality of the old saying: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Furthermore, on occasions when both Lawyers were finalizing the details of a contract, Molly continued to show the apartment ... "You never know," she says. If Molly were to ask if she could have an exclusive agreement to sell your property ... I highly recommend you enter the agreement. If Molly were to ask if she could assist you in finding and buying your ideal apartment ... I highly recommend you take advantage of her services. If Molly were to apply to you for an advanced position in real estate, or any other field of endeavor ... I strongly recommend that you give her qualifications serious consideration. You could not make a better decision.I would be happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information. - John C.
I wanted to write you and thank you for your endless devotion on making my move to New York City a very seamless process. You didn't only bring to the table devotion but a wide array of knowledge, experience, and dedication. I would highly recommend any person seeking superior and outstanding personal service involving any type of real estate transaction to contact you.I engaged Ms. Cassese in 2012 to assist me in finding an apartment in Manhattan, New York. She met all of my criteria in finding and getting my new home through the many obstacles one encounters in the process of purchasing an apartment in New York. She worked for over two years searching out the perfect place for my family and me to reside. Ms. Cassese was always there assisting and directing me through the entire process from setting up appointments, making offers, and assisting with the Board Package to the final closing. She works tirelessly in making your desires and concerns her priority. She is exemplary in all aspects of her work ethic. I could not be more appreciative and say enough to express my admiration for Ms. Molly Cassese. - Kevin R.

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