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Rachel Vannucci

Rachel Vannucci

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
West Side Office


Tel: (212) 381-2306
Cell: (407) 687-0391

Born in California, Rachel Vannucci moved to New York with a passion for business, culture, and people. Always having a love for architecture, property, people, and sales, Rachel found the perfect career in real estate. Having lived in Manhattan and now residing in Riverdale, she has enjoyed selling properties in Westchester, Riverdale, and Manhattan.

Rachel Vannucci has also worked in various sectors of education. As a result of this decade long exposure, Rachel has fine tuned her skills in technology, organization, communication, and networking with a vast array of individuals from various businesses.

Rachel is known to be an energetic, enthusiastic, and patient agent. She works diligently to provide sellers and buyers alike, accurate, thorough, and educational information to facilitate the entire process of selling and purchasing. She notes the importance of listening, researching and providing the necessary skills to making a smooth and fair deal.

She states, “Buyers and sellers are real people, who want to be listened to, and want real answers to their questions. This is how I work with my clients, and I believe this is the key to effective sales in any business”.

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