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Xiaosen "Chelsea" Zhou

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Long Island City Office


Tel: (718) 878-1812
Cell: (917) 664-0552

Languages Spoken:      MANDARIN - CHINESE, ENGLISH

Chelsea Zhou's optimism, energy, hard work and background in architecture make her a vital part of the Halstead Real Estate team. She is an agent you can trust to find the property you'll want to call home and one you can depend on to sell your property with the professionalism you desire.

Chelsea received her master's in Architecture from the University of Kansas and went on to apply her skills at a boutique architecture firm in New York for two years as a designer and drafter before making her career move to real estate. Her background in architecture only sharpened her sense of space better enabling her to help each of her clients determine and understand property layout and space.

She is not a typical sales person, but someone who succeeds at connecting the right home to the right person giving very honest opinions along the way. Chelsea has a wide knowledge of NYC's real estate market and knows just where to look based on each need. She takes her time with each seller, buyer, landlord, and tenant listening to their needs and thoroughly fulfills them.

Fluent in Mandarin, she's able to connect with a lot of Chinese buyers, investors and developers giving her the ability to market to Chinese sites and media in China to expand the market in order to sell at better prices.

In her spare time, Chelsea stays involved in varies church activities. Her Christian religion has influenced her life goal of helping people rather than focusing on making the maximum amount of money. It's important for her to connect with people and make deals happen as smoothly as possible.

Chelsea has done sales and rentals in varies neighborhoods in Manhattan and Queens. She utilizes every aspect of her real estate knowledge and great support from her Halstead Real Estate office to give the best advice for people who have any real estate needs in New York City.

Please feel free to email or call Chelsea for a consult on your real estate needs.

Halstead Queens, LLC

Xiaosen “Chelsea” Zhou 是一个乐观,精力充沛,勤奋,亲和力强的人; 所以成为了Halstead地产团队的重要组成部分。她是值得信赖的能经纪人,一个你可以依靠与有敬业精神来帮你打理你的房产的代理人。

Chelsea Zhou从堪萨斯大学拿到建筑硕士学位,之后建筑事务所工作两年, 这些对后来竟如房地产都有很大的帮助。她的对空间和色彩的敏感更好地使她帮助她的每一个客户更好理解布局和空间,以便做出正确的决定。她不是一个典型的销售人员,而是一个成功连接对的买家给正确的卖家,她会给予很诚实的意见。Chelsea对纽约的房地产市场有广泛的知识,并且知道根据每个人需要寻找。她把她的时间合理的分给每个卖家,买家,房东,房客;倾听他们的需求,并尽力满足他们要求。

Chelsea 讲一口流利的普通话,她能够与很多中国买家,投资者和开发商给她的市场,以中国的网站和媒体在中国拓展市场。


Halstead Queens, LLC

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