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Ya "Amy" Wang

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Park Avenue Office


Tel: (212) 381-3254
Cell: (646) 660-5541

Languages Spoken:      MANDARIN - CHINESE, ENGLISH

WeChat ID: AmyNYC

Involved in real estate personally and professionally since 2004, Amy Wang has made excellent service and building long-term relationships her priority. Fluent in Chinese and English, she has extensive experience helping international and domestic buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

Amy has lived in New York since 2002 and is the go-to expert for New York real estate knowledge. Whether you are looking for an investment property or new home or need advice on staging, decorating, brownstone flipping, or even property management, Amy can help guide you.

She has an Interior Design certification from the Parsons School of Design, which gives her unique insight into the value of a home from a design perspective. This expertise is invaluable for seller clients in preparing their home for the market as well as buyer clients as they set up their new home.

Prior to joining real estate full-time, Amy was a Senior Analyst at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for almost nine years. In this role, she honed her ability to understand and meet client requests as well as solve complex problems.

Amy has two Master’s Degrees in Engineering and Project Management from Columbia University. When she’s not with clients, she volunteers for New York Cares and enjoys spending time with her family and new pup, traveling, playing tennis, and gardening.

Halstead Manhattan, LLC

微信号: AmyNYC

纽约高等地产经纪人王亚(Amy)女士从 2004 年接触地产业开始,一直以提供最高等级的服务和建立长期合作关系为目标。Amy拥有多年帮助国际和国内客户投资地产的经验。

Amy 2002 年从中国河北搬到纽约定居,对纽约本地的地产市场和新移民的困难了如指掌。不管您是第一次购房还是来纽约投资,不管是装饰装修房屋还是翻新小楼,Amy都可以为您提供相应的信息和服务。

Amy 拥有纽约著名设计学院帕森斯的室内设计师认证。对房屋结构和合理布局都有独到的见解。这对买家和卖方来说都是很重要的技能。

在全职做地产经纪人之前,Amy在世界顶尖的纽约纪念斯隆凯瑟琳癌症中心工作了9年左右。这九年,锻炼出了Amy 强的与客户深入了解交流并解决任何问题的能力。

Amy 还拥有哥伦比亚大学工程和管理两个领域的硕士学位,经常帮助客户做地产项目或资产的管理。

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